Volleyball Infographic



The infographic above details the 2017 season statistics for the travel volleyball team NC Shockwave’s 18U Elite team.  This could be used on the NC Shockwave website or distributed as a promotional tool for recruitment.  The colors used in the design of the infographic are Black #000000, Red #ff0000, and White #ffffff which are the official colors of the team.  The fonts chosen for the design are Aileron Heavy for the title, Aileron Regular for all subtitles and Arimo was used as the text for the team roster to give the infographic a cohesive feel.  Two graphic elements of a volleyball were also added to support the them of the design.  The infographic was designed using an internet based graphic design program, Canva.  Canva would be a good choice to use for someone who owned Apple computers because it allows you to create multiple types of graphs directly in the program, eliminating the need for Microsoft Excel and Access (which do not come standard on a mac.)  The information in the graph included in the design, show the total games and sets played this year along with the wins and losses for both.  The attention bar points out that the team brought home 3 tournament wins for the season.


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