Shockwave CodeShockwave Gallerygallery_codeShockwave featured photo

The above screenshots are of the html work that I have done for my professional client’s website, NCShockwave.  The top image shows the html code used to write the overview page that appears below in the second image.  Multiple codes were used to make each of the headers a different size, color, and in some cases underlined as the client stated they wanted.  The html code used to underline a section of text is <u>  and the code to make that text bold is <strong>, these are just a few examples of the code that I used on the overview page.

The images that follow are of the before and after screenshots of the homepage and featured photo in the gallery file that were also updated by altering the html code.  Also additional images were added to the gallery as well.

Additionally the “Harrell Pressure Washing” logo sponsorship was added by using html code in the widgets section of wordpress and appears on each of the 9 website pages.


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