Photo Logos

It is important to attach a photo logo on business websites or emails to inform the client who you are.  Photo logos make your brand easily identifiable and enable potential clients to form a connection between you and your brand.  The first photo logo shown is a photo logo gmail signature block that was created in Canva by following the tutorial linked below the image.  The two colors that were used in the signature block are Rose Blush (f3d1c8) and Midnight Blue (191348).  The script font used as the signature is Freeland, and the fonts used in the main logo are Futurist Regular and Carpenter Script.  The second photo logo was created in Photoshop using an image of the client.  The tutorial for the galaxy logo design is linked below the logo.  This photo logo can be used on the client’s website, in his email signature like the one shown above it, or as his Facebook profile photo. The font used is Arial Rounded MT Bold Regular and is filled with same galaxy background to correspond with the background of the image.  Using this design sets the image apart from a regular photograph making the logo more memorable.


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