Business Set Brand Identity


Branding identity shown as a business set and was created using Adobe Illustrator for my client.  The business set includes letterhead, an envelope, and business cards for the company, Harrell Pressure Washing.  The fonts included within the set and logo are Acumin Pro and Adobe Garamond Pro.  A band of water was added along the bottom of the letterhead and the business card to add interest and to create a more cohesive look that ties into the client’s use of water to make things clean again.  Also the band of water appears beneath the logo as if the water droplets in the logo are accumulating at the bottom of the stationary/business cards.



Creating an Animated Gif


This animated gif was created using Photoshop.  Several images and layers were added together in Photoshop’s timeline panel to make this animation.  The gif was made for my client, Robert Harrell to use on his business website for pressure washing.

Photo Logos

It is important to attach a photo logo on business websites or emails to inform the client who you are.  Photo logos make your brand easily identifiable and enable potential clients to form a connection between you and your brand.  The first photo logo shown is a photo logo gmail signature block that was created in Canva by following the tutorial linked below the image.  The two colors that were used in the signature block are Rose Blush (f3d1c8) and Midnight Blue (191348).  The script font used as the signature is Freeland, and the fonts used in the main logo are Futurist Regular and Carpenter Script.  The second photo logo was created in Photoshop using an image of the client.  The tutorial for the galaxy logo design is linked below the logo.  This photo logo can be used on the client’s website, in his email signature like the one shown above it, or as his Facebook profile photo. The font used is Arial Rounded MT Bold Regular and is filled with same galaxy background to correspond with the background of the image.  Using this design sets the image apart from a regular photograph making the logo more memorable.

Text Heavy Banner


After living for several years in Colorado Springs Co. my favorite investigative show to watch is Homicide Hunter with Lt. Joe Kenda.  It is one of the true crime shows that is featured on the Investigation Discovery channel.  Lt. Kenda has solved over 400 murders that have occurred in Colorado Springs.

Included in this post are several images taken from the Investigation Discovery website that were used as research.  The main colors used on the website and in their logo are black, grey, white, blue, yellow and sometimes a contrast of orange.  I imagine that the blue and yellow color choices are included to correspond and identify with investigative police colors.  The website has a clean easy to navigate layout and is predominately done in a san serif style font. The logo almost always appears in the lower right hand corner of the screen and is a tilted box with the initials inside of the box.

Preliminary hand-drawn sketches are seen located about the research images. These were done in order to best decide where the text should appear in the banners. The size selected for the banners is 720 x 300 pixels to be the size of a standard pop up ad.  The first banner above the sketches is done in the color blue (20287d), yellow (edf605), and black that appears on the channel’s website.  While the yellow gives the banner some pop, it still seems to need more.  The final banner appears at the top of the post.  The blue background has been replaced with an image of Pike’s Peak which is located in the center of Colorado Springs and shows the viewer what town is Joe Kenda’s “town” as referred to in the quote. The font selected for “Homicide” is Consolas Bold, “Hunter” is Geneva Regular, and “Lt. Joe Kenda” is Futura Condensed Medium which has a level of opacity added to it.  The main  logo is in a black box which has been rotated to the right and has the letters “CI” in white inside of it, these are done in the Charter Bold font.  Directly underneath the logo appears the words “Criminal Investigation” which is in the Futura Medium font and corresponds with the Futura Condensed Medium font selected for other areas of the banner.  The logo has had some opacity added to it in order to see the image underneath it and to be recognizable but not in your face like the main title of the show.  The last line of the banner is a quote that Joe Kenda says in the opening of every show “If you murder in my town, I will find you” and is a combination of the Futura Condensed Medium font and the Charter Bold font.

Elements of Art/Principles of Design


These are infographics on the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design.  The Elements of Art include Line, Shape, Color, Value, Form, Texture and Space.  The Principles of Design include Balance, Contrast, Emphasis, Movement, Pattern, Rhythm, and Unity.  Both Elements of Art and Principles of Design are key to having a successful design in Graphic Design.