Banners for facebook


Possible Banner work for clients to upload as their cover photo at the top of their business Facebook page.  The top banner is the one that was selected by  Robert Harrell who owns Harrell Pressure Washing.  The banner includes before and after images to showcase the client’s work and contains the new logo created for Harrell Pressure Washing.  An opaque background of splashed water was added behind the main portion of the banner to ensure the banner information would translate when viewed both on a computer as well as on a cell phone.  The second banner is one of the options presented to Mr. Harrell based on the color scheme the client indicated he initally wanted.  Ultimately it was determined that black was the better choice to use in his logo graphics instead of the lime green because of the visibility from a glance.  The third banner is one that matches my wordpress homework blog for graphic design class and also is a cover photo to be loaded on a Facebook business page.  The colors of the font are taking straight from the color of the cows for continuity.


Timeline of Graphic Design – Infographic


This is an Infographic of a timeline of the revolution of graphic design  from 1917-1990

Graphic Design became popular in the 1800’s and has grown in popularity ever since.  From the 1800’s to Present, graphic design has changed in style with each movement of the time.  Some examples of the movements are The Arts & Crafts movement from 1870, the Art Nouveau Movement in 1890, and the Dada movement in 1916.  There are many different movements throughout  history that influence the style of graphic design.  Graphic Design is a product of time – of economy, politics, the arts, philosophy, culture and society.  It always affected by small and large human events and factors such as war, sub culture, culture unrest, economic turbulence, music, media, and more.

What is Graphic Design


Graphic Design is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content.  This can be physical or virtual, and may include images, words, or graphic forms.  Other examples include posters, ads, packages, printed material, infographics, motion graphics, books, magazines, commercial websites, exhibition catalogues, business cards, signs, logos, and advertisements.

Why Graphic Design Matters:  Graphic Design is important because it affects culture, music, media, and more.  It is EVERYWHERE!! It captures your eye, conveys a message, sells a product, idea, or service.  Without graphic design everything would be text based, mundane and boring.